About Code Clippet

Code Clippet, founded in 2016 it is a code sharing snippet platform designed to make it easier for its users to organise those useful snippets of code or tutorials. Mainly focused on snippet organisation, but still incorporates a community and social aspect to the site. Code Clippet can be used to store anything text based you like with the code and note editor.

Code Clippet is part of the parent company called Superbition and is the company's first publicly released product.

Currently we are a small development team of two who started Code Clippet from scratch, there are a few library's which are used such as the code and notes editor but the core of Code Clippet (The Server Side framework) and most of the client side, is built from scratch with no additional frameworks, this includes Code Clippet using the framework called Phase (as in you go through different Phases of development); which is currently not publicly available and is in house built.

Code Clippet Timeline


Code Clippet was born and development was started with only 1 developer


The second developer joined the project, becoming the second founder as well


Code Clippet launches and becomes public to the internet, opening its doors on 18/03/2018!