Code Clippet FAQ

What is Code Clippet to be used for?

Code Clippet is a code sharing platform, mostly focused on the organisation of useful code snippets called or referred to as “Clippets” - where the name comes from. You can use Code Clippet to either organise, share, store or communicate with others around any Clippet/ snippet you like and have access to. There are many more uses as well.

Do my Clippets have to be code only?

No, you can use Code Clippet for anything you like, even though the name suggests code related content only, as long as you comply to the privacy policy and terms and conditions you could use Code Clippet for anything that you see fit! For example that could include a shopping list, tutorial on how to make the best coffee or just a list of your favourite websites.

Why don't you have a way of running code on the site?

Our main focus is not to be another code execution platform to show case HTML, CSS and JS. The main focus of Code Clippet is to allow better organisation of useful bits of code. You know when you have all them tabs open from websites or forums with code snippets which you want to keep? - Yeah all those 100 tabs you have open! However, that is not to say Code Clippet won’t include a code execution platform as a feature in the future, just take note that its not our main goal here for now...

When did development for Code Clippet start?

Around 09/09/2016, this date can also be seen at the bottom of the page.

How can I support the development of Code Clippet?

The best way to help us out is donating via the donation ways, which can be found here.

You can of course help out by reporting errors, giving feedback and just being active on the site. Also please consider white listing us with your ad blocker if you have one, we promise not to be intrusive with ads.

What ways can I communicate with Code Clippet or involve myself?






Do you have a changelog?

Yes we do! It can be found on our News & Updates page, located here.