Here you can find how we want to shape the future of CodeClippet and the features we have planned. In no particular order or preference we have laid out each planned feature we wish to develop:

User Profiles

We plan to build a more connected community by offering each user their own profile page, where it will show their stats, user information and offer a place for other community features.

Community Forum

A place to share, discuss and stay up-to-date with what is going on with Code Clippet. This will be the official Code Clippet forum for the community; it won’t just be discussions about CC, it will have a community focus.

Clippet Encryption

Yes! Making all of your folders, Clippets and data fully encrypted automatically where we cannot access or even have the ability to see what your Clippets are! We plan this feature to give you full reassurance for saving your useful bits of code with us, even though we respect you already.

Notification System

We want to implement a notification system to notify you on events which take place based around your account, comments, replies, likes, views and messages etc. Help the site become more social :)

MyClippets Search

The ability to search through folders and Cippets in the tree structure where you organise all your snippets. Making it easier to navigate through loads of snippets at once.

Clippet Tagging

Have the ability to tag different folders and Clippets/ Snippets making it easier to search for private and public Clippets.

More MyClippets Features

Adding in extra functionality on the MyClippets page, such as changing the view/ layout of the code and notes editor, better layout with a top bar and refined controls.

Code Clippet Messaging

Our very own messaging platform, where you can message over users and communicate over Code Clippet; we plan for this to be fully encrypted and secure as well!

Improving the Discover Page

Giving the Discover page more value and detail by adding in different trending columns and categories. This could include: Daily, weekly and monthly, along with others like best comments, upvotes and trophy like leader boards. Helping to bring the community together.

More Clippet Settings

Extra Clippet settings such as being able to set different options like Clippet expiration, expire at certain number of views, only be able to view from a certain IP or user, encryption, option to turn off comments, options to select either the code or notes editor etc…

We apologise that all of these great features are not implemented currently and we are working hard to make sure the service we provide is fantastic for you, but things take time, if you want to help or get in contact about something, reach out:





And if you can, donating to help us run, helps us out a lot as well: